But I’ll say this…

Deleted scene from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ movie

Anonymous: pls make more behaving badly gifs <3

i would love to, did you have any scene in mind? 

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Confirmed cast for Paper Towns

Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne (x)

Nat Wolff through the years.


Hailee Steinfeld and Nat Wolff being super adorable while presenting at the Teen Choice Awards - August 10th, 2014


"I’m telling you," Isaac continued, “Augustus Waters talked so much that he’d interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production. And he was vain: I do not believe I have ever met a more physically attractive person who was more acutely aware of his own physical attractiveness.”